On the full moon of 12th as lunar calendar during great flood season is Loy Kra Tong Day.As the historical evidence, in era of the great king Ramkhumhaeng, we called this festival as " jong Parean ceremony" or " Loy Phra Pra Theep", this festival is the biggest in Sukhothai know as Loy Kra Tong and Candle festival.

      In the reign of King Rama 5, he gave the ceremony to offering relics and footprint of the Buddha by flooding lantern, after that, the pattern of lantern has been changed to Kra Tong likewise a lotus in King Phra Rung.Now a day, the pattern of Kra Tong is more perfectly colorful than time past, especially, the main material to produce it from natural or bread instead of non-recyle material because the environment is our concerned.

       Amazing with 2nd rank the great festival of the world, abound with colorful of Loy Kra Tong and candle festival in sense of ancient Sukhothai among magical ancient remains where transmit the past time lifestyle story and a beautiful arts together with professional team and actor which you can't blink.


         BIG SCENES

        - Loy Kra Tong and Candle festival :back to the ancient Suknothai among the sense of ancient city
        - Thai classic masked opera,the legend of fighting Rama and Ravana
        - Buddhist Elephant Ordination celebration-Had Siao


        - Sukhothai's lifestyle : make a merit to a monk at pier among ancient atmosphere.
        - the invention of pottery, sightseeing molding of famous chinaware from generation to generaion
        - Songkran Festival    : Ancient magical tradition along Thai's lifestyle
        - Put the blanket to buddha image by a monk
        - Lifestyle                : floating trade
        - Sufficient economy living, touch sense of real lifestyle of the Sukhothai's;
        - traditional farming    : to seperate rice grains














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