1.Wat Srisuphan "SSP"

   It was established in 1500 by King Meung Kaew of Mung Rai dynasty, this temple has a principle Buddha image in a temple name
“ Jet-Tuer “. This temple has been renovated and builded Phra Viharn in 1860, era of King Kavilorose-Suriyawong . The attraction place is Silver ubosit, the first ubosot which used silver and tin are main component. In addition, ordinary Srisuphan’s people are well-known as the silver skilled craftsman, as their expertness and faith in Buddha, they took a participate to renovate this temple for replace the old one. This renovation has been done in the same area of the old one but they just amend figure to be an ancient Lanna’s architecture where the infrastructure are lay bricks and bound with cement and decorate with aluminums and 3D silver sculpture, main idea shown as the Dharma puzzle, a teach of Buddha and the historical of this temple.



2.Khoon Chang Kien "KCK"

   Well-known as an agriculture research and training center, it was located at Chaing-Mai province in the same path of the way to Bhuping Rajanivesh palace and Doi Pui (mong house). Here is a station to research for a coffee, fruit such as peach, plum, avocado, macadamia, lynchee, etc. of agriculture department of Chaing Mai University.


3.Weing Ta Karn"WTK"

   As the ancient evidence shown, this city had elder than Weing Goom Karm of Hariphoonchai kingdom. Weign Ta Karn is the ancient city where enclose with a moat and city wall in a rectangle topography, located at Ban Ta Karn, Tambol Ban Glang, Amphur Sanpatong, Chang-Mai Province. A word of “Ta Karn” has tale from a wiseman that at the time of King Ar-Tithayarach was build a castle for keep Buddha’s relics in a temple areas, a white crow stoop to his head, he said to all their courtier to drive out this white crow. 



4.Mae-Wang "MW"

   Get ready to touch the perfectly natural at Mae-Wang,Cheing-Mai.Another one trip,you couldn't miss!!!  New experience and more view point from the quality teams.Simulation of the rare cultural suchas "Buad Chang Hard Seaw"(ordained a guy and young guy on the back of elephant),lifestyle of elephant's lover and hill tripe lifestyle.                                                    Among the abundant jungle,the sunlight through a fog,it makes the reality happen in front of your eyes,probably,you will absent-minded and take a shot as NON-STOP



5.Wat Pha Tart Haribhunchai "PTHC"

   Famous land,Prosperous culture is the defintion of Haribhunchai Kingdom where still remains the valuable of art and cultural for the next generation.Wat Pha Tart Haribhunchai or Pha Tart Haribhunchai Temple is the one of well-know architecture, it describes the historical background of the people in the former times.Let get the sense of culture's city with Pha Sumara offering simuulation by a young monk more than 50 persons with Phag Pha Teep to respect our Buddha,release 100-200 floating lanterns in the night,you'll regret if miss it!

6.Wat Jet Yord (Jet Yord Temple) "JY"

  This is an ancient royal temple in Chaing Mai, it has valuable antiques and ancient remains, we can called this temple is a perfectly Buddhism place and common known in all Buddhist because this is a place where the king in Meng Rai dynasty established for the 8th revision of Buddha’s teach in 500 years ago. 


7.Wat Pa Pao (Pa Pao Temple) "PP"

   Here is the central for Tai Yai villagers, it was buit in reign of King Inthawichayanon (7th of King of Chaing Mai), in 1889, he order Lady Bualai to build a pagodas with a pattern contemporary of Tai-Yai and Myanma ere is the central for Tai Yai villagers, it was buit in reign of King Inthawichayanon (7th of King of Chaing Mai), in 1889, he order Lady Bualai to build a pagodas with a pattern contemporary of Tai-Yai and Myanmar. Lady Bualai is Tai-Yai in the eastern of Salavin River, she was born in 1856. 



Wat Pantao (Pantao Temple)


   There’s no the evidence when it was established but in the ancient legendary history of temple said its age should be contemporary with Jedee Loung Temple. Formally, this temple was name Pun Tuao or Phun Tuao instead of Pantao which mean thousand times (Phan Tuao), most of Chaing Mai people believed that once you make a merit 1 time, it will increase your result of merit up to 1,000 times. 




9.Wat Ton Gwan (Ton Gwan Temple) "TG"

   Formerly known as Indrawas Temple stand at Ton-Gwan Village moo4, Nong Kway, Hang-Dong, Chang-Mai. This temple is a member of Maha Nikai (one of the two major demonizations of Buddhism).
  This temple has areas 2 acres 37 square meters, the north and south territory reached a vein, it reached private land, a vein and street for east and west respectively. It has amenities for Buddhism ceremony that are Viharn, sermon hall in a monastery, monk’s house, bell tower, tetrahedron square hall with a pyramidal roof, etc. In addition, this temple has sacred object such as cement principle Buddha image in a temple, a litter to carry skyrocket, a tech of Buddha box, etc.


10.Wat Lokmolee (Loke Molee Temple) "LML"

This temple over 500 year ago, it was built in Lanna Kingdom stand in the northern of Chang Mai city, there’s no reliable evidence shown that when it was built but it appears a name of this temple in the legend of Doi Suthep Temple. -Lanna Kingdom era


11.Wat Suan Dok (Suan Dok Temple) "SD"

   The origin of the name is this area is a flower garden (Shorea) of northern master in Meng Rai dynasty. In 1371, King Na Gue (6th reign of Meng Rai dynasty) order to build the royal temple for habitation of a monk name "Sumon" (he is a senior monk in a high rank) and built pagodas to contain 1 of 2 Buddha’s relics which has invited from Sukhothai city in 1369 (the other one was contained in a pagodas at Doi Suthep temple).






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