8.Wat Lokmolee (Loke Molee Temple) "LML"


          This temple over 500 year ago, it was built in Lanna Kingdom stand in the northern of Chang Mai city, there’s no reliable evidence shown that when it was built but it appears a name of this temple in the legend of Doi Suthep Temple. -Lanna Kingdom era


          Lanna Kingdom era

          In 1367, King Gue Na has a royal command to invite patriarch for teach and stay in Lanna but a patriarch getting old and senescence, he has order to his 10 follower monks went to Lanna and all of them was stayed in this temple. In 1527, King Kes Klaw gives Ban Hua Weing to be an area of temple after that 1 year he was built the great pagodas and Lok Molee Viharn. In 1545, King Kes Klaw had been assassinated, his ashes had contained in the outside of city wall in the northern of a temple. Queen Jiraprapa Mahadehvi became a new city ruler, at that time, Lanna forces has weak, King Chairachadhiraj of Ayutthaya troops attacked but it ease up because she has tribute to King of Ayutthaya and sent invitation to him make a merit at this temple.

          Lanna of Myanmar era

          Since 1579, Chang Mai colonized Myanmar, most of temple had been destroyed except this temple because the kindness of King Sarawatdhi NoratrasrimungsoraThachor with this temple and Visutharam temple, this temple always be a royal temple of reign. -Ratanakosin era

          Ratanakosin era

          The effect of World War 2 made this temple became a deserted temple, in 1959, this temple becomes a nation heritage under Fine Arts Department, in 2001, Nov 9th department of religion was official announcement to upgrade this temple from deserted temple to legitimate temple. Moreover,in 2002 all of people help to create golden effigy of Queen Jiraprapa Mahadehvi with the sense of royal grace.


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