7.Wat Ton Gwan (Ton Gwan Temple) "TK"


          Formerly known as Indrawas Temple stand at Ton-Gwan Village moo4, Nong Kway, Hang-Dong, Chang-Mai. This temple is a member of Maha Nikai (one of the two major demonizations of Buddhism).

          This temple has areas 2 acres 37 square meters, the north and south territory reached a vein, it reached private land, a vein and street for east and west respectively. It has amenities for Buddhism ceremony that are Viharn, sermon hall in a monastery, monk’s house, bell tower, tetrahedron square hall with a pyramidal roof, etc. In addition, this temple has sacred object such as cement principle Buddha image in a temple, a litter to carry skyrocket, a tech of Buddha box, etc.

          The name of Ton-Gwan Temple is come from a northern tree called Ton-Gwan was built in 1856, reign of King Kawilorose Suriyawong. It had been a breakpoint for the procession Srijormthong’s Buddha relics from Jomthong District, this is a royal ceremony for sprinkle water on the Buddha’s relics. At the present, this place becomes a nation heritage under Fine Arts Department.


          For the architectural character is a beautiful and valuable of Lanna’s style. Gable was decorated with mosaic and wood cave out bunch of vine and head King of Nagas, a tetrahedron square hall with a pyramidal roof is a local style, its only 1 in the northern of Thailand, it has a character like a pavilion which has four gable ends, and in the middle has a double gable, on the roof has gable apex which a skilled craftsman design as a bird at the middle of roof has a little pavilion or well-known as Prasart Feung (Feung Palace), this pattern same as a pavilion in the north-east of Thailand and Laos. Moreover, inside of this tetrahedron square hall with a pyramidal roof has a platform seat for stand cinerary urn of Buddha’s relics.


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